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Cosmetic Acupuncture

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture?

The main benefits that you will find almost instantly, overall patients general skin condition and skin tone will improve. Dramatic improvement in skin tone and pores around the t-zone of the nose and forehead.

As we age the skin loses elasticity and its ability to bounce back in to shape and areas the face starts to sag.

Cosmetic Acupuncture helps tighten the underlying Facial Muscles and reduce this sagging which can be more noticeable around the jowls of the patient.

Reduce and/or eliminate:

Scars or Acne scars
Brown Spots & Pigmentation
Fine lines & Wrinkles
Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles under the eyes
Tighten pores
Lifts sagging skin
Reduce double chin
Reduce Nasio Labial fold (laugh lines that runs from the corner of the mouth to the side of the nose)

Facial Enhancement benefits:

Helps Enhance Fuller Lips without Collagen Injection
Tightens underlying facial muscles
Improves muscle tone
Lifts Cheek bones
Lift drooping eyelids
Increase Collagen production
Improve Circulation & Sins Elasticity

How does the Cosmetic Acupuncture improve my skin?

It is a safe & effective way to stimulate collagen production. It helps rejuvenate facial tissue by increasing blood and lymph circulation. The skin becomes revitalized, nourished, hydrated and glowing from inside out.

Is it safe?

It is a safe and effective treatment. It’s a Facial Enhancement and Skin Rejuvenation without surgery.

A sterile Japanese (Seirin) & Intra dermal needle (a very fine needle) is use to stimulate acupuncture points on the face & body to promote overall balance.

Medical history form must be filled out before any Facial or Medical Acupuncture.

Can I get a Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments?

Almost anyone can benefit from Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment, however, as with any Acupuncture Treatment there are a few conditions. Must book consultation… All consultation is done in person.

Types of Acupuncture Treatments?

Medical Acupuncture:
Treats: Hormonal Imbalance, Digestive conditions, Allergies, Skin Sensitivity, Smoke Addiction, Pain management, etc.

Rehab Acupuncture:
Treats: Pain Management in knees, shoulder, wrist, back and ankles, improves mobility

Cosmetic Acupuncture or Facial Enhancement Acupuncture:
Treats: Non-Surgical Face Lift, Fuller Lips, Reduce & Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles etc.

Weight Loss: Cellulite Treatments

Oxygen Infusion enhance Diamond Peel

The chiq beauty + wellness spa skin care team uses the most advance third generation controlled Diamond Peel System to perform painless therapeutic skin rejuvenation.

Using an advanced system of Diamond Peel and gentle cleansing suction, our professionals can gently remove dead and damaged skin cells bringing healthy, vibrant skin cells to the surface. Our Diamond Peel techniques will not only treat the damaging effects of the sun, but will reduce the severity of wrinkles, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and scars.

Take your skin therapy to the next level through the use of the Oxygen Infusion Facial with Oxy- Mate KR-03™ Oxygen System. Using Oxy-Mate KR-03™ our skin care professionals can supply your "new" skin with an oxygen enriched anti-aging and moisturizing treatment. The oxygen facial treatments will protect the fresh skin revealed by Diamond Peel while it is most vulnerable, ensuring that it's soft, smooth, vitality is preserved.



By age 30, oxygen level in our skin have dropped by 25%, and 50% by age 40.

Q. Why Oxygen is essential?
A. As we age, oxygen does not reach the cells effectively as it did in the past. When skin doesn't get sufficient oxygen it can be more prone to blemishes, reddens and irritations, wrinkle, age spots and fine lines are more noticeable.

Q. How does Oxygen Infusion enhanced Diamond Peel work?
A. Oxygen Infusion enhanced Diamond Peel is much the same as the regular Diamond Peel process, but with one important difference. Following the Diamond Peel procedure, a serum of pure oxygen mist enriched with anti-aging and moisturizing compounds is pumped into the basal layer of the skin to ensure superior skin health.

Q. What are the advantages of Oxygen Infusion enhanced Diamond Peel?
A. This special process helps protect the new, vibrant layer of skin revealed by the Diamond Peel treatment. It works to eliminate redness and irritation and works against acne causing bacteria. This oxygen process also helps deliver antioxidants to the skin and helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun, pollution, and stress.


The Body Needs Oxygen to:

Create energy or Defeat Fatigue

Clean toxins out of the body

Remove virus, bacteria and speed up post-surgery recovery

Strengthen the bodies Immune System

Manufacture hormones and proteins

Fuel the body Muscles

Metabolize Fat and Carbohydrates

Digest food in the body

Transport Gases Across Cell Membranes

Keep the Heart Pumping and Healthy

Incite the lungs to breathe

Improves skin hydration

Speeds up healing ability of the skin

Facial lifting and tightening

Diminishes eye bags and Dark circles

Reduces fine line and wrinkles

Improves skins elasticity and brightens skin complexion

Lack of Oxygen Causes:

Circulation problems


Body weakness

Skin irritation and skin blemishes


Memory loss

Irrational behavior

Poor digestion

Muscle aches and pains

Lung problems

Dizziness ...


Acne Treatment using IPL
The Acne starts when the opening of the hair follicle is blocked. The bacteria that leave inside the hair follicle (P. Acne) starts to multiply rapidly and the bodies immune system tries to fight the bacteria - starting an inflammation. And the Acne appears. As long as the bacterial activity continues the inflammation continues and the Acne flourish.


High intensity broad spectrum light is absorbed in the photo excitation process and releases a sing-let oxygen, who proves to be fatal to the P. Acne bacteria, and effectively clear inflammation in a fraction of time it takes for standard topical or oral treatments to do the same. This reaction is confined to the bacteria and has no effect on surrounding tissue.

The intensive light releases an oxygenator that eliminates the bacteria, thus ending the inflammation and the Acne.

Hair removal using IPL
GEM technology manages to deposit most of the energy in a plane coinciding with the position of the hair follicles. The broadband enables the treatment in hair types, which are traditionally hard to treat - such as feathery hair or bright hair.



Skin rejuvenation using IPL
Low light energy inserted into cells proliferates and stimulates collagen production and induces collagen and elastic tissue synthesis. The Crystal 512 and Record 618 uses specific dose, intensity and wavelengths that enable it to stimulate the cells to produce more collagen and thus rejuvenating the skin.



Vascular treatment using IPL
Broad-spectrum wavelengths are absorbed in the hemoglobin of the clotted blood that give the spider like vascular its color. The energy shakes the structure of the RBC layer. Brakes it, allowing the body to remove it and to make the vascular disappear.



Tattoo treatment using IPL
Tattoos are the result of pigments that were inserted into the skin and stay there. The energy of the light pulse is absorbed in the pigments of the tattoo, shakes the connections between the pigment molecules and gradually breaks the big constructions into small ones. When a piece is small enough to pass throw the cells membrane it is treated by the cytoplasm as waste, driven out of the cell and dissolves in the blood stream.


Do you have short thin lashes?
Do you have sensitive eyes and it gets irritated went you wear mascara?
Now, you can have natural long thick lashes with sterile human hair and advanced technique…
That lasts until your natural lashes fall….
This is the only eyelash extension ministry of health approved
We use medical grade adhesive that will not irritate your eyes.

Procedure Performed ONLY by MISENCIL Certified Trained Professional 

[ Above: Actual Chiq Beauty + Wellness Spa Models ]

Lymphatic Drainage and Light Therapy

What are the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage and Light Therapy?
A large number of lymphatic channels lie directly beneath the skin, and play a significant role in maintaining health and beauty of our skin complexion. Lymphatic drainage, long a standard part of the European beauty regime, helps the lymphatic system function more efficiently by eliminating toxin and improving skin circulation. The result: healthier, glowing skin and a more beautiful complexion.

The scientific application of pure distillations of Color Light on specific acupuncture points, reflex zones, and major energetic centers or chakras, as well as in conjunction with lymphatic drainage - has been shown to effectively correct and restore an optimum energetic organic balance. Aesthetically, this produces a dramatically visible "lifting" effect and long-lasting improvement in overall appearance and profound sense of well-being.

Lymphatic drainage and light-therapy effectively work together to address and assist in a variety of skin conditions and detox programs, as well as in pre- and post- surgical care. Phytobiodermie Professionals Skin Care Therapist will evaluate your skin condition, body shape and even your Chinese Biorhythm to select the products and treatments best suited for you, and help you not only to look better, but to feel better too.


Phytobiodermie's Biodraineur is a sophisticated piece of equipment that uses state-of-the-art technology to assist lymph movement with a gentle, pulsed massage that encourages a faster and more efficient flow of lymph. The treatment is completely non-invasive and leaves the client with a soothing and relaxed sense of well being. Phytobiodermie's Biodraineur is used in a variety of both facial and body treatments.

Light Therapy
Phytobiodermie is the originator of the application of light-therapy to the field of aesthetics and beauty. Light-Therapy is a treatment system based on the healing and re-balancing properties of light energy. Each color in the spectrum of natural light has specific properties corresponding to their range of frequencies. There is an energetic correspondence between those ranges and the energies of each of the organs and their acupuncture meridians. It is the same with the seven charkas or energy centers. The light used is very safe as it includes none of the frequencies outside of the “visible spectrum”. No infrared or ultraviolet frequencies are used, neither are they necessary.

Pure and precise ranges of frequencies of light are applied on specific acupuncture points, reflex zones, and charkas. Light can be combined with lymphatic drainage to target other fluids and restore an optimum energetic balance. Light can be used in improving all skin conditions and in serious slimming treatments. It has proven to be very useful pre and post surgery. Aesthetically, light can be used to create a dramatically visible "lifting" effect and a marked, long-lasting improvement in appearance as well as in our sense of well-being.

Vascu Lyse:
At Last...
A Safe, Non-Invasive, Effective Treatment For:

Embarrassing Skin Blemishes
Broken Capillaries - face & chest.
Ruby Points - on the body.
Skin Tags - on face,neck & body.
Blotches - on face & upper chest

What are broken capillaries?
Broken capillaries are tiny, dilated blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They become more common as we age and our skin loses its elasticity. The factors that can promote their formulation are: excessive exposure to the sun, drastic change in temperature, alcoholic beverages, hot and spicy foods. Once they form, broken capillaries will not disappear on their own. However, they can be permanently removed by the Vascu Lyse.

Broken Capillaries: Before/After VascuLyse

Ruby Points : Before/After VascuLyse

Blotches: Before/After VascuLyse

How does the Vascu Lyse work?
The Vascu Lyse uses a mild current to induce coagulation within the distended capillary. This treatment is called Capillary Coalysis, the process by which unsightly, distended capillaries are absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Is the treatment painful?
This non-invasive procedure is virtually painless. It uses mild currents that have been employed in the aesthetic world for more than four decades. At the very most, some patients may feel a slight pricking sensation.

Is it really permanent?
Treated capillaries or skin tags will not return. New ones may appear somewhere else.

Treatments 30 mins $75
Appointments scheduled by consultation only.


Multifunctional Body Slimming Machine for Face & Body

This is a multifunctional body beauty machine. It can achieve body & breast beauty and slimming. Moreover, promote the blood and lymphoid circulations and their waste expelling.

Its working principle is using different types of vacuum nozzles to perform the action -- pull, push, turn, rotate and press, to the muscle. Therefore, the interactive motion between rolling ball and muscle can be achieved.

It then stimulates Central nervous system and improves physiology to attain the relaxation and promote the lymphoid and blood circulation systems. It is compulsory for the toxin expelling inside the blood and lymphatic system which play an important role in localized slimming, skin repairing, improving metabolism and increasing aerobics.


Latest News: 3 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion

Keep skin smooth, minimize pores, reduce breakouts even skin complexion and wrinkle free; Micro-Current Ultrasound works on collagen skin layer, Bio-Lifting skin and smoothes out wrinkle, also available in reducing cellulites with hot & cool massage head piece; Ultrasonic---w/ 3 stainless steel probes.
Safe & Effective

Progressive Skin Care: Integrated Technology

The 3 in 1 Diamond Dermabrassion is the integrated option for modern skin care. It complements most treatment programs without interference, providing a gentle, yet effective, mechanical peeling, wrinkle and lifting of the skin.

The Diamond Dermabrassion is fast and virtually pain- free. It leaves little or no redness. It can help to minimize the most difficult Skin conditions, or to rejuvenate and maintain the health of the skin. Treatments take less than an hour and should not interrupt your busy schedule.

How 3 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion System works?
Diamond Dermabrasion is crystal free derived from a treatment called Microdermabrasion. The new 3 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion System, however, is modern and uses a gentler approach. It features a patented ultrasonic for deep hydration and cooling system and adjustable Diamond tip applicator head that removes dead skin surface, leaving it smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated.

10 WAYS 3 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion System Will help Skin look Great
Good skin tone
Even skin colour
Refined skin pores
Fewer breakouts
More youthful neck
Softer skin
Healthy glow
Younger appearance
Renewed elasticity
Firm skin

Smooth Skin surface is the KEY

The Diamond Dermabrasion treatment erases epidermal layers at varying depths in a safe, controlled manner. This approach respects the integrity of skin and promotes even healing. Maintaining level cellular growth on the surface aids in the youthfulness of the skin's appearance.

On average, we renew our skin surface every 10 days. However, with age, poor health, or lack of care, cell renewal may be considerably slower. Regular Diamond Dermabrasion improves many skin conditions and imperfections, to create a healthy, balanced skin surface.




The Diamond Peel and New Cellular Growth
Diamond Peel removes dead surface cells and initiates cellular turnover at the dermis and epidermis levels. This improves skin elasticity, texture, color, and overall appearance.






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